Memorial Day Weekend – Sunday Night Party

We’ve got a three day weekend coming up, Boulder! No school or work on monday probably means we should have ourselves a little party on Sunday Night. We’re going to give you all $1 wells and $6 Coors Light pitchers ALL NIGHT LONG. Plus, we’ve got DJ Pat Allen coming in to handle the music. The Boulder Creek Festival is right across the street, so this weekend will be crazy! Mark your calendars! See you all soon!

Cinco De Mayo – Live Emcee Battle at the Walrus!

We’ve got a lot to celebrate this Tuesday Night, Boulder!  1) a whole lot of you will be done with finals.  2) its cinco de mayo.  3) its hip hop night at the walrus!  This week we are taking it up a notch and hosting a LIVE EMCEE BATTLE!  We’ve gathered up some of Boulder’s best talent and they will be going head to head this tuesday night!  Cash Prize for the winner!  and just for showing up to watch, we are giving EVERYONE $2 flavored vodka drinks ALL NIGHT LONG!  THis is going to be awesome!  Mark your calendars! See you Tuesday Night.

Grad Week 2015

Graduation is right around the corner! As I’m writing this, our countdown is at 11 days, 18 minutes and 51 seconds!  This week a lot of you will be locked in the library, but next week, is Boulder’s undisputed BIGGEST party week of the year!  So, we wanted to show you what you have to look forward to.  We will kick things off on tuesday, may 5th with a cinco de mayo edition of our brand new hip hop night.  Ladies night w/ DJPetey on wednesday; Throwback Thursday on the 7th.; and then a full weekend of graduation fishbowl madness!  Just a warning, the lines will be a little bit crazy next week, so plan on getting here early!  Click “read more” below to check out the grad week poster.  Good luck with your tests and we will see you all very soon!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 3.28.15 w/ DJPetey

The Grand Re-Opening of the Walrus went down last night.  We closed for spring break and worked 24 hours a day to make some improvements.  We now have an incredible sound system; a huge dancefloor; more games; better layout; easier access to drinks; etc etc.  Honestly, Im pretty proud of this.  If last night is any sign, you all seem to like it too!  Anyway, if you havent been in to see whats new, make sure and come by this week!  As for last nights pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Welcome back, Boulder!

Saturday, 3.28.15 – Walrus

New Boulder Club Night – Hip Hop Night Every Tuesday Night at Walrus

The Walrus is hosting Boulder’s newest club night every Tuesday Night starting THIS WEEK (Tuesday, March 31st, 2015).  This is gonna be an all hip hop and all REAL hip hop night!  New Kendrick and J Cole, etc etc etc and all the classics.  Weve been wanting to do this for a long time and just to sweeten the deal we are giving EVERYONE $2 vodka drinks ALL NIGHT LONG!  We also put together a mixtape to launch the night.  This is just volume 1.  Weve got a lot of music to cover, so there will be more!  To check out the mixtape now, go to on any phone, tablet or laptop and check it out.  For those of you who have been complaining that there isnt a real hip hop night in boulder, We heard you!  Get your asses out to the Walrus this tuesday night and support it!  For now, enjoy the mixtape!  (Click “read more” below to see the full sized flyer)

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 3.21.15 w/ DJPetey

We brought out the photographer last night to capture some saturday night magic on film.  Just a heads up, Walrus will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week for spring break.  We will be in extra full effect when you all get back from spring break though!  Stay tuned!  As far as last nights pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Have a good spring break!

Saturday, 3.21.15 – Walrus

The Walrus Saloon March Madness Bracket Championship

This is going to be awesome!  We are giving away a $100 Walrus Gift Card to the winner.  100% FREE to enter.  All you have to do is fill out a bracket and join the group!  All of the scoring is done through the official NCAA bracket site so its all legit!  Brackets close in a couple days though so fill it out NOW!  Click HERE to get started.  Good luck!

St Patricks Day Weekend

We are doing, not one, not two, but THREE St Patricks Parties this year!  We will be making special edition GREEN FISHBOWLS on friday, march 13th and saturday,  march 14th.  DJ Pat Allen will be handling the sounds on friday and of course, DJPetey will be rocking saturday night.  Then, on Tuesday, March 17th (the real st patricks day), we will be offering $4 car bombs and $15 green fishbowls with DJ Squirt. Thats a full weekend of awesomeness, boulder.  See you then!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 2.28.15 w/ DJPetey

Another end to an amazing weekend at Walrus.  Last night was crazy!  We got a break in the snow for a day or so and Boulder came out HARD!  I cant wait to see what happens when spring hits.  This has already been a great year.  As for last night’s pics, you can check out the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Stay warm.  See you all next week!

Saturday, 2.28.15 – Walrus

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 2.21.15 w/DJPetey

I know this doesnt make sense to everyone, but I promise… Nights that are 75% full are so much more fun than nights that are crazy over packed.  This whole “snowmageddon” thing gave us that perfect night at Walrus last night!  If you were there, you know.  If you werent, we got a few pics to show you what you missed.  We’ve got a lot of very cool stuff coming up at walrus in the next month or so.  Stay tuned for details!  As for the pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery, or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Stay warm, Boulder.  See you all this week!

Saturday, 2.21.15 – Walrus
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