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Free Drinks TONIGHT at the Walrus

The Good People at YapTime will be at the Walrus giving away FREE Drinks TONIGHT at the Bar.  They are showing off their new software/website and they very wisely decided that the best way to get your attention was to buy you drinks!  Come check it out!

In Case You Missed It – Saturday, 9.18.10

Things were to hectic (thats always my excuse) to get much video or pics, but we got a few…. First off, at 8pm, a couple hundred Pirates took over the bar: And, when they cleared out, the usual Saturday Night Madness began…. FREE Super Soaker Shots ALL NIGHT and my personal favorite, the awesome group […]

Congratulations to Last Night’s Broncos Tickets Winner!

FREE Super Soaker Shots In Action Last Night (pics)

We gave away FREE Super Soaker Shots last night.  Things got to hectic to take pics of everything, but we caught a couple of the early ones.

PirateCon 2010 – THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at the WALRUS!

If you have somehow missed this annual pubcrawl, I dont know where youve been, but you need to witness this!  This Saturday, September, 18th, 2010, PirateCon 2010 will once again return to the WALRUS! For more info or to find out how to register for the crawl, hit up the piratecon website here –

Get In FREE if You Bring a Friend to 18+ Night THIS TUESDAY NIGHT!

Print this Card to Get in FREE if you bring a friend to 18+ Night this (and every) Tuesday Night at the Walrus!

Bronco Tickets Giveaway – THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!

Once again, the good people at Budweiser are teaming up with the Walrus to give you MORE FREE STUFF!  This Thursday Night (9.16.10), we will be giving away FREE BRONCOS TICKETS!  Get Here EARLY to Register to WIN!

In Case You Missed It – 2 Quick Videos From Last Night at the Walrus (9.10.10)

Woody’s Boulder Fire FundRaiser

Our Sister Company, Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza on Evans (Denver) is doing a fundraiser for the Boulder Fire THIS SATRUDAY.  If youre down in Denver, go grab some great pizza for a good cause!

In Case You Missed It – 8.31.10

In case you missed 18 and up night (EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT) at the Walrus last night….

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