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Sunday August 31st – Labor Day Weekend Bash w/ DJPetey

I cant believe summer is almost over… But I pretty much need to face it.  The good news is, that means Labor Day Weekend is coming up and it gives us an extra excuse to go out on a sunday night!  This year, we got DJPetey for the party!  Sunday, August 31st, 2014.  We will [...]

Ladies Night at the Walrus – Every Wednesday Night

A lot of you already know how awesome wednesday nights are at walrus.  For those of you who need a reminder, EVERY wednesday night is Ladies Night w/ DJPetey.  Ladies drink FREE ALL NIGHT LONG!  There’s really not much else to say.  That’s pretty much a recipe for a party!  And, in the summertime, things [...]

4th of July 2014 at the Walrus!

4th of July falls on a Friday this year!  This is a recipe for awesomeness!  After your fireworks and BBQs, come celebrate with us!  After all, you probably dont have bartenders making fishbowls at your house party…  We will though!  And we will also have DJ Pat Allen live in the mix all night long! [...]

This Sunday Night! Memorial Day Weekend!

We’ve got an EXTRA night to go out without having to worry about school or work the next day.  THIS SUNDAY NIGHT is that night!  So… We are doing it big again this year!  We’re gonna give EVERYONE $2 wells and $7 coors light pitchers ALL NIGHT LONG!  DJPetey will be handling the sounds!   [...]

Grad Week 2014!!!

Seriously, this year felt like it was about 5 minutes long.  Went by way to fast.  Thats a good sign though!  I dont think Ive had more fun in my life!  I try to say this a lot, but I hope you all understand how much I mean it…. THANK YOU, BOULDER!  Youve made this [...]

St Patricks Day 2014 – Monday, 3.17.14 w/ DJPetey

Its somehow already that time of year, folks.  St Patricks day is TOMORROW!  As far as the night time festivities go, Boulder will be taking over Walrus this year!  I will be handling the sounds.  We’ve got $5 Car Bombs All Night Long AND GREEN BEER for everyone!  We’ve also booked a live BagPipe band [...]

Fat Tuesday 2014 at the Walrus!

March is almost here!  That means spring break, st patricks day, and FAT TUESDAY is THIS COMING TUESDAY! (march 4th)  If youve been looking for an excuse to come to pearl and get down on a tuesday night, youve got your reason!  DJPetey will be live in the mix all night.  $5 Hurricanes for everyone [...]

This Sunday Night – No Classes Monday

No Classes this Monday! 3 Day Weekend Time!  Noone does it better than the Walrus!  We’ve got $1 wells ALL NIGHT LONG!  $6 Coors and Coors Lt Pitchers ALL NIGHT LONG!  And DJ Pat Allen will be joining us from Denver to handle the sounds ALL NIGHT LONG!  This WILL BE Boulder’s best Sunday Night [...]

New Years Eve 2014!!!

Its that time of the year, folks! We’re about to close out 2013 and ring in 2014! For those of you out of town on break or doing something crazy in times square or vegas, have fun and be safe! For those of you in Boulder, we are going to finish out [...]

And… The REAL Halloween – THIS THURSDAY NIGHT – October 31st

Our first round of Halloween was last night and it was crazy (to say the least)!… But lets be honest.  It was also homecoming and that thats a given!  Its far from over though, guys.  THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (Halloween Night), we’re doing it all again!  Another costume contest; more cash prizes; more exclusive Halloween Fish [...]

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