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Smack Thompson – Live at the Walrus – Right now til 11:30

DJPetey starts at 11:30 Tonight!

Pics and Video from the Goonies Show at the Walrus – 12-2-10

The Goonies (80s cover band) brought live music back to the Walrus Thursday Night from 8-10:30 with an incredible Show!  Check the Pics and Video Below!

In Case You Missed It – Saturday, 9.18.10

Things were to hectic (thats always my excuse) to get much video or pics, but we got a few….
First off, at 8pm, a couple hundred Pirates took over the bar:

And, when they cleared out, the usual Saturday Night Madness began…. FREE Super Soaker Shots ALL NIGHT and my personal favorite, the awesome group of girls [...]

Big Wheel Rally Video – Video

The “Almost Annual” Big Wheel Rally Kicked off at the Walrus Saloon Yesterday Evening at 5:30.  A very fun lead in to a VERY HUGE Saturday Night at the Walrus!

The 2009/2010 Walrus Video YearBook Mixtape is HERE

Alright folks, here is the concept:  We took the top 50 songs from this past school year; made a mix with the music video; and then we went through and picked out over 50 more video clips of YOU at the Walrus this year.  Put it all together and you’ve got all of your favorite [...]

Preview: 2009/2010 Walrus Video YearBook Mixtape

The full 70 minute move AND audio mix will be posted here in a few days.  But for now, here is a preview…

Coming Soon…

The Official 2009/2010 Walrus Video YearBook Mixtape is on its way, Boulder!  All of the biggest songs of the past school year, with all of the biggest videos of the past school year, with over 50 video clips of YOU partying with us at the Walrus this past school year!  Stay Tuned for Details!!!

Get Here Early During Graduation Week!

This was the line at 1:15am on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 to get into the Walrus! If you dont want to be one of these people for the rest of Grad Week, Get Here Early!

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