Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 9.3.16 w/ DJPetey


Pics from last night took a little vacation for a month or so, but we’re back!  Back to school time in Boulder might be the single greatest thing ever.  Last night pretty much proved that.  As for the pics, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery (tag your people!) Its a three day weekend, so it all goes down again tonight!  See you all soon!

Labor Day Weekend 2016


Summer went way to fast!  But, we’ve got so much coming up for you this fall!  Cant wait to fill you all in. For now though, mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th!  3 day weekend means no class and no work on monday.  Perfect excuse to come out on a sunday night.  We will be running $1 wells til 11pm and $2 wells from 11pm – close.  DJ Squirt will be holding down the dance floor.  Perfect way to end your summer!

Syllabus Week Kick Off Party With Pinnacle – Monday, August 22nd


Those of you asking for more EDM at the Walrus, this ones for you!  We are hosting a Syllabus Week Kick Off Party with Pinnacle and Aviate Promotions on Monday, August 22nd. Show starts at 10:30 pm and we are giving you all $2 select beers and $2 wells all night long.  We will be doing EDM based monday events once a month this fall.  So, check back for future dates.

Live Hip Hop Show – Tuesday, August 16th

aug16th posterthumb

Another LIVE hip hop showcase coming up.  If you havent been to one of these yet, we book 8-9 local artists and do a live showcase.  We also give you all $3 flavored vodka drinks all night long!  This month, we are featuring performances by: Plain & Simple, Glitta Kings, McAD, Small Hands, Savior, Radio & DJ BBCee, Mile High Maniacs, DJ Green Thumbs, and Freedom Movement.

Saturday, 7.2.16 w/ DJPetey


This whole week has been unreal!  And, with the holiday tomorrow, we get to keep it rolling tonight!  Last night, we of course had DJPetey in the booth for #walrussaturdays.  Grateful Dead took over folsom and the rest of us took over Walrus!  Couldnt have been more fun!  As for the pics, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Make sure you comment/tag/etc.  Hope you all enjoy your holiday.  Tonight, we are bringing live music back to the Walrus with Grateful Dead cover band “A Bear’s Choice”.  The afterparty for the Dead and Co show starts at 10:30 ONLY at the walrus!  See you all Tonight!

Dead n Co AfterShow – Live Music at the Walrus


The Greatful Dead are returning to Folsom Field for the first concert there in 20 years next weekend.  4th of July in Boulder will never be the same.  So, we decided to throw the afterparty!  Sunday night, July 3rd, we will be bringing in the band, A Bears Choice to play after the show.  They are an incredible band who will be doing dead covers and originals inspired by the dead.  If you are going to the show or if you know someone who is, this is the place you want to be after.  We are very excited to bring live music back to the Walrus for this special occasion!  Also, remember, the 4th is a holiday, so no school or work on monday!  Mark your calendars.  Next sunday night is a special one!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 6.11.16 w/ DJPetey


This summer is moving way to fast.  We are already halfway through June!  I dont like it.  What I do like though is last night.  Probably my favorite night of the summer so far.  No Question.  As for the pics, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery to do your tagging thing.  Next week is a big one.  Live hip hop show on tuesday; ladies night on wednesday; and then roll straight into the weekend!  See you all next week!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 6.4.16 w/ DJPetey


You all bounced back from memorial day weekend quick!  Last night was a beast!  Even I didnt expect it to be THAT good!  Never underestimate #bouldersummer though.  Should be another great week next week.  For those of you who dont know, you can always check out our Events page to see whats coming up.    As for the pics from last night, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery to do your tagging and commenting. See you all very soon!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 5.28.16 w/ DJPetey


Memorial Day Weekend in Boulder… Boulder Creek fest, Boulder Boulder, and about 40,000 tourists.  Always makes for a good night out!  Last night got buys early and got crazier and crazier as the night went on.  Definitely one of my favorite nights of the summer so far!  As for the pics, you can click HERE to check out the facebook gallery.  I took tonight off, but if youre going out, Walrus is having a memorial day party tonight with $1 wells!  Might wanna check that out. Im gonna  be locked in the studio finishing up these new mixtapes.  Check back for those in a couple days!  See you all next week!

3 Day Weekend Alert! DJ Z-Staar and $1 Wells This Sunday Night!


Memorial Day Weekend means Pools, BBQs, and of course… A sunday night Walrus party.  This year we’ve got DJ Z-Staar and $1 wells for everyone from 7-11pm and $2 well for everyone the rest of the night THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (May 29th, 2016).  These 3 day weekend parties at Walrus are awesome! Mark your calendars!  As for the rest of the weekend, we’ve got DJ Johnny Gear this friday and DJPetey this saturday.  See you all soon.

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